Welcome to Sanjeevan Multispecialty Hospital & Research Institute!

In this era of modern medicine, modern gadgets for investigations and diagnosis have become essential, apart from mere clinical judgment and clinical acumen. It is not possible to avail all modern facilities, gadgets & technologies in an individual setup. We all know that,

'We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another’ 

So this concept of Multispecialty Hospital with all facilities under one roof is developed for the first time in Yavatmal District and for the first time a private limited firm comprising of only Doctors is formed

'Eureka Medicare Private Limited' 
“Coming together is a beginning Staying together is progress and Working together is successes”

‘We could bring the dream of 'Sanjeevan Multispecialty Hospital & Research Institute' into reality in a short span of 1½ years. The unique fact of this hospital is the equal importance to every branch to serve you better.
We all came together with a vision. A vision to repay the society, a vision to reach to the masses, to provide optimal health care at minimum cost & to develops awareness about health among the common people. It will bring us the utmost happiness by providing these services to our people because it is the divine task which we have undertaken.

Sanjeevan is the hospital of its own kind with no corporate backup. A hospital created by a group of self made professionals who have established themselves in Yavatmal by sheer hard work & dedication. All the doctors contributing in the project have an experience of more than ten years. Along with this we also have a backup of a team of Super specialists, which is a great asset to our hospital.
In this mission, let us come together and join hands to make a better & healthy tomorrow.
Sanjeevan Multispecialty Hospital & Research Institute is constructed on a plot area of 21,000 Sq ft with a total constructed area of around 40,000 Sq ft, having floor plan of ground + 3 floors and each floor of 10,000 Sq ft to make it more comfortable in working and considering the aesthetic value. The central location of the hospital in the city makes it easy to approach. Ti is just ½ Km away from bus station. This hospital was inaugurated on 25th May 2008. The board of director of this hospital consists of following Directors:-

1. Dr. Sunil M. Agrawal(MS Gen Surgery) – Managing Director
2. Dr Vijay S. Kawalkar (MS Gen Surgery) – Director
3. Dr Harshvardhan S. Bora(MD Medicine) – Director
4. Dr Surendra B. Mundhada(MD Anaesthesia) – Director
5. Dr Lalit R. Nimodiya(MD Radiology) – Director
6. Dr. Pradip Bhojne (MD Anesthesia) - Director

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