Preventive health check up
Preventive health check up

Facilities Available

Prevention is Better than Cure
These words of wisdom by the 15th century Saint Kabir, though said in a different context, stand true in terms of the 21st century lifestyle and is apt for Preventive Medicine. In the developed countries the focus on preventive medicine has brought down mortality rates and increased life expectancy. It has the potential of reducing costly medical treatments. Indians today are facing the twin threat of unhealthy life styles and changing food habits. Healthy life style accompanied by Preventive Health Checkups is therefore the solution to a happy, healthy and longer life span.

What is Preventive Health Check Up?
The normal misconception about these health check ups is that they are a series of investigations. Paras Hospitals offer a different perspective to the health check ups. We at Paras have a holistic view of Preventive Medicine. It is a combination of Medicine, Diagnostics, Diet Plan and healthy life pattern ( which includes Regular Exercise, Meditation, Yoga etc). It is our approach towards health which differentiates us from the numerous existing Health Checkups.

Who should go for health check-ups ?
Every individual should undergo regular health checkups after the age of 25. The age when disease catches you is regularly coming down because of stressful lifestyle. The interval at which these health checkups should be done is normally a year but for some special groups it would be lesser than a year. Our Preventive medicine team not only suggests the ideal package suited to each individual but also sets the frequency for these checkups.

A Health Check-up means peace of mind
we believe that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. A comprehensive health check-up is essential in providing continuous health surveillance at all times. After all, a stitch in time saves nine.

Our Body - a temple
Our scriptures tell us that our body is a temple in which the soul resides. Isn't it our duty to keep it fit and strong? In order to take timely action, all normal persons should get themselves checked once a year.
Is it too much to devote half a day a year for your well being?
You should take your health seriously You may be at risk if you are:

  • Obese
  • Smoker / Heavy drinker
  • Executive with a stressful job
  • Suffering or having a family history of diabetes, 
    high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Low exercise tolerance
  • Losing weight
  • Having chronic indigestion
  •  Diagnostic services available in Sanjeevan Hospital:
    • 1) State –of-the-art 16 Frame light-speed CT
    • 2) Cath Lab
    • 3) 3D / 2D – Echocardiography and non-invasive cardiac lab
    • 4) Stress Test
    • 5) Ultra Sonography
    • 6) Digital X-Rays
    • 7) Pathology
    • 8) Hematology
    • 9) Microbiology
    • 10) Histopathology
    • 11) Biochemistry
    • 12) Immunology
    • 13) R.I.A. (Radio-Immunoassay)
    • 14) Endoscopy Services- Gastroscopy (therapeutic & Diagnostic); 
    • 15) Colonoscopy(therapeutic & Diagnostic)
    • 16) Colposcopy
    • 17) Laproscopy(therapeutic & Diagnostic)
    • 18) Hysteroscopy(therapeutic & Diagnostic)
    • 19)Bronchoscopy-( therapeutic & Diagnostic) 
    • 20) Pulmonary Function Test

21) Arterial Blood Analysis (ABG)

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