Admitting & Discharge Procedure

Admitting Procedure

  • The bed charge is calculated from 10. am to 10 am irrespective of the time of Admission.
  • When you move up to a higher class the billing from the day one will be as per the higher class.
  • All deposit receipts are provisional & should be surrender at the time of discharge.
  • For the convenience of the patient & for priority in admission a hospital bed can be  reserved for all planned admissions.
  • Admission clerk will prepare the indoor case papers & each patient will get a unique in patient member which would be a reference for all further transactions in the hospital.
  • If patient is having any cashless card then relatives have to submit the required documents to billing department within 24 hrs of admission.

Discharge Procedure

  • Discharge procedure starts only after approval of the treating doctor & preparation of discharge card.
  • Any excess medicines refunds should be done one day prior to discharge so as to save time. The nurse on the floor will help you in the process.
  • The nurse would prepare the discharge papers & send the file to billing department for final billing
  • After setting the final bill amount the discharge counter clerk will give a discharge intimation to the floor nurse.
  • For cashless patient once doctor approves the discharge final bill & discharge summary will be fax to respective TPA. TPA will generally reply within 2-3 hrs till patient has to be there in the hospital.
  • Patient who desire immediately discharge has to pay the difference amount in cash & it will be patients responsibility to reimburse from insurance company hospital will not do any procedure further


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